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30 Must-Try German Dishes!

Germany is a country with wonderful delicacies known worldwide. So when in Germany, never miss out on the following dishes! So here are the 30 must-try German dishes !!

Here are the 30 must try German dishes :


Fischbrötchen effectively translates to fish bread. It is a fresh herring sandwiched between a roll served with the likes of a particular salad and some fish sauce.


Originally invented in Berlin, currywurst is a sausage that is cut up and slathered in a sauce made from a variety of spices.


Labskaus is a dish that you love or hate and there is no in-between. The dish does not look appetizing but its taste can prove you judgemental. It consists of corned beef, onions, and potatoes.

Grüne Soße (Green Sauce)

Grüne soße is a very popular green German sauce. It is prepared using sour cream. A combination of about seven herbs is added to the cream. It is usually served with boiled eggs and mashed potatoes.

Matjesfilet mit Speckstippe

This famous dish is served alongside some boiled beans and skinned potatoes that are topped with fried bacon and onions. It is rich in butter.


This dish is a pasta consisting of fresh eggs. It is topped with cheese and mushrooms. Sometimes, even pork works!


It is a dish served with cheese sauce and crispy onion that is mixed with bacon.

Pork knuckle

These consist of a specially prepared gravy and some potato dumplings are served alongside.


Sauerbraten is a dish wherein the meat is marinated for a very long time to make it very soft. The meat usually used is beef.


This dish is a thin pizza, rectangle in shape. Bacon and onion are known to be the most preferred and most popular toppings.


Schnitzel is a dish that can be made from a variety of meat like chicken, pork and turkey.


 Gulaschsuppe is made with potatoes, beef, onion, and carrot and is a soup that is not just yummy, but also healthy.


These are a type of Swabian dumplings stuffed with spinach, meat, and cheese. They are fried and sometimes consumed after being boiled.


This is a cheese blend made from soft cheeses that are mixed onions and spices. It is very thick and creamy.


Bamberger Zwiebeln is a staple dish. It is cooked in Bamburg located in Franconia.


Zwiebelkuchen is an onion tart. It consists of steamed onions, cream, and ham or bacon with eggs.

Zwiebelkuchen German dish

The dish can only be had with tipple federweisser. This drink is a young wine to which a dollop of yeast to the grape juice to create a bubbly drink. The two are often eaten together


These are little potato pancakes that are sometimes called reibekuchen. They can be described as sweet morsels served with apple sauce.

Bratwurst German dish

These are sausages that can be served with gravy or with mustard or ketchup.

German Döner Kebab

Doner kebab is a famous and well appreciated German fast food. It consists of mixed halal meat that is served in a bun with different sauces and salads that one can choose from.


These are dishes that are salted and served with fillings like meat, cheese or vegetables.


This is cooked as a cabbage dish which is fermented for sweetness.


This dish translates to potato salad. It has the likes of bacon, mustard, vegetables and beef.


Champignonpfanne is a bowl of fried mushrooms wrapped with garlic sauce. These are cooked in giant pans filled with several large mushrooms.


These are traditional German biscuits made with honey and spices. Their taste is similar to gingerbread.

Apful strudel

In this dish, stewed fruit is paired with raisins and layered inside buttery pastry, with icing sugar.


Bienenstich is also called ‘bee sting cake’ and is a two-layered yeast cake filled with vanilla custard and honey and almond topping.


These are Southern Germany’s puffy and steamed dumplings coated in vanilla sauce.


Spaghettieis is not pasta or nothing even close to it. It in fact is vanilla ice cream that is shaped like spaghetti. It is served on top of whipped cream.

Black forest cake

The Black Forest cake is known across the world. It is a chocolate cake topped with cherries and cream.

So these were the 30 must try German dishes .