Top 10 Street Food In India

Top Ten Street Foods In India

India, as we all know for centuries, has been famous for its diversity and the heterogeneity in its culture and authenticity. And the blending of different histories in terms of languages, festivals, ethnic wear, and several different fields. And here it will be a grave injustice to not paint a picture of the street food diversity across the nation. So here we’ve listed below the top ten street foods in India.

In times of the lockdown, aesthetic pictures of jalebi, gol gappe, and vada pao don’t just make us salivate. But also wet our eyes because an integral part of Indian life in itself has become roaming in the gullies of every place and tasting the street food. So bear with me and my little article as I bring forth creamy descriptions of the morsels you’ve been missing out on for so long now. And in case you are new to the Indian street food culture. I am pretty sure my words will paint a picture that’ll make you modify your bucket list as soon as possible.

Here are the Top ten street foods in India :

Phuchkas/ Gol Gappas/ Panipuri

It will be very unfair to not start my article with a morsel famous through the streets of the city that has been voted as the food capital of India in recent times, aka, Kolkata. The most beautiful and quirky fact about this dish is its versatility across the nation. Where it’s known as Phuchka in the east, Gol Gappa in the north, and Pani Puri in the middle part of the country. So, in case you have been indulged in a debate over whether phuchka is better or a gol gappa. You have come to the right place to get your choice feel validated.

This dish precisely consists of a flour or suji outer layer. With the delicious filling of mashed potatoes, chickpeas dipped in tamarind water. And definitely cut or shredded chilies, and the spicier it gets, the tastier it is. In recent times there is a rising culture of this dish getting sold in closed restaurants or eating outlets. But without denial, it always tastes better from a bowl made of leaves. Which in itself highlights the authenticity, standing in a crowd around the vendor, and definitely fighting for your turn.

Special points

  • This dish is not just tasty and spicy and blows our brains out, but is also extremely economic. Its very filling and cheap.
  • In mainly northern states like Delhi and Haryana. Gol gappe get served with two types of water, the khatta paani (sour water) and the meetha paani (sweet water)

Vada Pao of Amchi Mumbai

The name in itself is such an attraction to this extremely famous mainly Marathi delicacy. Since way before pop culture made burgers famous in our country. Our own version of a burger, only spicier and more impactful, aka, vada pao has been attached to the name of the lovely Indian city of Mumbai. It makes people ranging from localities to tourists in the city around the year drool.

It consists of buns with a beautiful filling, topped with buttering and chilies that also burns your stomach. It’s often served with various chutneys, the most famous one being the coriander chutney. A cousin of this dish is the Misal Pav.

Momos, the white fluffy morsels

Being a Delhiite for the most part of my life, I haven’t known people who haven’t fantasized about getting a free supply of momos all their lives. This one-dish has impacted our lives so much that even amidst lockdown in the closure of most stalls and food apps. A lot of us have also mastered making this dish at our respective homes, because, Momo hai Toh mumkin hai!

Do I even need to iterate the constituents of this originally Tibetan dish which has now been owned with beautiful minor modifications by most cities and places of the country? Stuffings varying from non-vegetarian to vegan items. This white morsel is accompanied by Tibetan soup, or mayonnaise, or ketchup, but are you even Indian if you don’t savor your momos with chutney?

       4)Dabeli of Gujarat

Moving on to another state of the country extremely popular and well-visited for its street food. Gujarat streets are definitely dominated by the consumption of this dish. With some records stating clearly that lakhs of Dabeli are consumed on a daily basis in the city of Kutch.

Coming to the constituents, boiled potatoes sandwiched between burger like buns. With a special Dabeli masala added to it, accompanied by garlic, tamarind, chutney, garnished by roasted peanuts or pomegranate even. So if you aren’t familiar with this dish yet, it should definitely go in your long list of things to be done after lockdown.

Mirchi Bajji or Mirchi ke pakode

Just picture this scene. You are on a tour in Hyderabad around the month of October, you are supposed to be touring Charminar. And several other renowned areas, when suddenly heavy rainfall begins and, you are pretty soon drenched. Its evening time and the cool breeze is nice but is making you shiver, and that is when you find this adjoining store with the sound of splashing oil where Mirchi bajjis are being fried. You go ahead, you need that warmth, and one bite clears it out. That this is definitely not your usual Mirchi ke pakode you had randomly tried making at home from youtube tutorials.

Litti Chokha, the magic Bihar created

In case you have toured Jaipur, and have visited the authentically adorned and aesthetically pleasing Chokhi Dani. You definitely have a clear image popping in your head right now as I mention the name of Dal Baati Churma. Yeah, don’t cry, lockdown will be over soon. Anyway, a very own version of this. In fact, according to my personal opinion a better version of this, is Litti Chokha.

Well, I didn’t even have to research to bring forth the exact ingredients of this. Because once you taste its simplicity, there’s no going back. A spicy curry made from mashed potatoes served with bread crumbs, topped with ghee or butter, it definitely goes better with a cup of Kesar Chai.

7)Aloo Tikki

I should be punished by street food lovers for bringing this morsel up so late in the list. But I did so because definitely you guys won’t need a detailed description. In fact, I am sure the food bloggers in the heart are going to picturise this pretty well. This in fact is one of the best among Top ten street foods in India.

The origin of this dish is unknown even, and it will definitely be a grave injustice to call this dish the authentic item of any one particular state.

Poha Jalebi

Bringing Madhya Pradesh to the picture. A perfect combination that dominates the streets especially in areas such as Indore and Bhopal. Veggies and flattened rice comprise poha. This accompanied by sugary jalebis and a cup of hot chai is definitely going to make your day.

Idli Sambhar, just a strong representative from Chennai

Grave injustice will be done to South India if we fail to bring into the picture the famous south Indian cuisine. Even though this dish does not specifically qualify as just street food, the mention is noteworthy.

Punjab Da Lassi

My Punjabi friends will kill me in my sleep if I don’t highlight their cuisine. And in the world of Mojitos and mocktails, will you be my Lassi, is definitely a quirky desi pick up line to begin a bumble date with.

So these were the Top ten street foods in India .