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Best Places To Visit In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the least touristy goal on the planet as per World Bank. It is an excellent nation in South Asia flanking India and Myanmar. The travel industry is yet to create in this nation. Therefore, there is no travel industry related trick here, and individuals are commonly astounded to see vacationers, particularly in the rustic zones outside Dhaka. Individuals invite outsiders all over the place and attempt to help them in any capacity conceivable. Traveler destinations are not packed here yet. Truth be told, you’ll find not many travelers here during your visit. That is the reason it is the best ideal opportunity to head out to Bangladesh. So here we are in the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

Here are some of the Best places to visit in Bangladesh .

Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

 Sundarbans is the biggest mangrove backwoods on earth and a UNESCO world legacy site. It is situated in the middle of two neighboring nations – Bangladesh and India. Lion’s share of the timberland is situated in Bangladesh. It is home to the final Bengal tigers on the planet and a lot of other untamed life. Nature of Sundarbans is sedating and visiting this woodland could be a once in a blue moon understanding. That is the reason Sundarbans come as number one on our rundown of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

Chittagong Hill-Tracts 

Chittagong Slope Tracts territory is a normally excellent spot loaded with delightful slopes. It is home to numerous inborn gatherings of Bangladesh. This is the best spot in Bangladesh for experience travel. You can trek somewhere inside the slopes for a long time here in the event that you can oversee authorization from the neighborhood authority. Additionally, you can meet diverse ancestral gatherings in this locale and see their way of life. The most excellent stream in Bangladesh called Sangu waterway is situated here. A pontoon ride in Sangu during the storm could be an incredible encounter. Chittagong slope tracts come as number two on our rundown of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.


Srimangal is also known as “The Tea Capital of Bangladesh”, which is situated in the north-eastern piece of the nation. You’ll discover lavish green tea cultivates anyplace you go here. Also, this is one of only a handful scarcely any spots in the nation where on the off chance that you glance around, you may not locate some other individuals anyplace aside from you. An extremely quiet spot. Going through the path inside the tea ranches here could be perhaps the best thing you can do in Bangladesh.


Rangamti is a locale of the Chittagong Slope Tracts zone. The fundamental motivation to visit this spot is the Kaptai Lake. The best activity at Rangamati is to appreciate a pontoon ride on the Kaptai Lake for the entire day. Rangamati is likewise home to numerous inborn gatherings. You can visit their craftsmanship showcase here to get some fine quality high-quality textures.


Paharpur also situated in the north-western piece of Bangladesh and holds the most amazing archeological site in Bangladesh called Somapuri Mahabhihara, a UNESCO world legacy site. It was the second-biggest Buddhist religious community south of the Himalayas in the eighth century. On its prime time, priests from everywhere throughout the world used to come here for advanced education. It was outstanding amongst other Buddhist religious communities on the planet around then. Paharpur comes as number five on our rundown of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.


Canvassed in greenery just as undulating slopes. Bangladesh echoes with the Muslim call to supplication just as Buddhist serenades and is one of the most puzzling and magnificent grounds in Asia. Bangladesh is the neighbor of India, yet you will locate a not so much grew but rather more laid back environment here.

The nation had a wild past that saw it gain opportunity from first the English and afterward from Pakistani guidelines. At the point when you consider that this occurred in the twentieth century, it just demonstrates what a fierce late past Bangladesh has needed to persevere. Subsequently, it offers a cut of legitimate life to explorers who need an untainted picture of the area.

So these were the Best places to visit in Bangladesh .