Tips When Travelling to Bahrain

Tips When Travelling To Bahrain

1. How to Behave when Traveling in Bahrain

Bahrain is considered among the conservative countries of the world. Apart from the strict laws and regulations set by the government, there are some rules that are strict to be followed by travelers who are visiting there. One will find that in society, women are hidden from the view. In public, it is expected by them to cover the heads and arms. This is a rule there and the travelers are expected to maintain the code of conduct and should refrain themselves from wearing tight or revealing clothes including strapless and skimpy tops, and shorts. This clothing sense will really not be appreciated by the majority of people.

Women should cover up with long-sleeved clothing and trousers or a longer skirt. One can carry a scarf, that needs to be used if you are visiting a mosque. Even in other places too, where a covered head is mandatory, the scarf can solve the problem. One can wear sunglasses to avoid eye contact.

In Bahrain, one can witness a large number of campaigners and organizations, who will be working for the issues relating to women’s rights. They will be working to uplift the conditions of women, as in many regions women are not treated equally and even faces domestic violence. They have attempted to change current laws to help women there. One can think of the situation of women by the fact that they gained voting rights in the year 2001 only.

Consuming alcohol in Bahrain in public is intensely frowned upon.

The focus here is on the family, and women are expected to have husbands and children. Women travelers who have come to the country on their own and are traveling alone are themselves a matter of disgust by the people there as it is not culturally acceptable.

One way of avoiding questions and unwanted attention is to wear a cheap wedding band or carry a photo of your “husband” or “children” if you don’t have any of your own. If you think you are being hassled, walk into a shop or restaurant, and ask for help. This is one of the best tips when traveling to Bahrain.

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Avoiding Trouble

Bahrain is a country that is still in a period of instability. There are still a lot of protests and campaigns that are being held against government rules and regulations. In fact, most of the Foreign Offices around the world will advise you not to travel to the country for your safety only. This is a country where the majority population is Shia Muslim and the rulers are Sunni.

First of all, women should never visit Bahrain during the political unrest, make sure to get the latest news before traveling to the country. If any emergency is there or you have been re-allocated to the country, then it is really important to avoid the large demonstrations. You should be very careful and always aware of your surroundings. It is highly advisable for women to avoid huge crowds. And not to participate in public hearings, particularly the crowd of men, as the situation can turn really ugly. There are even cases reported in Middle Eastern countries, where the crowd used the hearings, and ultimately women suffered. This is one of the best tips when traveling to Bahrain.

Meeting Local Women

Traveling is indeed a great opportunity to meet some of the best travelers, local people including men and women. In Bahrain, one can find many such women’s organizations that provide opportunities to learn Arabic and Middle Eastern cookery. By looking a little closer into the culture a whole new world of opportunity can open up.

So these were the best tips when travelling to Bahrain.