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Milk- A Glass Full Of Health

Milk- a glass full of health, Indeed. Milk is one drink that we all have been drinking from our childhood. Some of us like it, while some of us are forced by our elders to drink it. We have heard just one thing- milk is healthy. Have you ever wondered what is so healthy about it? Or are you just gulping down your glass of milk every day without asking any questions?

India is the largest producer of milk in the world and it accounts for 20% of the total world production. Wow, that’s a big number indicating how crazy we are about our milk, and we are rightly so. Milk indeed has amazing health benefits because of its composition, and here are some of them-

Strengthens Bones

Milk contains two important nutrients, i.e. calcium and phosphorous which are essential for the formation of bones. They are also available in the required ratio in milk. Every adult needs about 1000 milligrams of calcium daily and one serving of milk contains 250 milligrams. So, daily consumption of milk will ensure there is no calcium deficiency and prevents osteoporosis, i.e. bone deterioration. Further, children require about 500-800 milligrams of calcium for strengthening bone mass and milk is the best source.

Promotes skin health

Milk contains lactic acid, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B2, which rejuvenates your skin and makes it soft and supple. Raw milk is used as a cleanser, exfoliator, and toner. Next time you make a face pack, make sure you add in a few drops of cold milk and feel the goodness. Also, did you know that Cleopatra used to take milk baths to promote skin health? If you are not into regular skin regime, don’t worry. Just drink your tall glass of milk and you will reap all the skin benefits.

Helps in muscle growth

Milk is a great source of protein. 18% of the protein found in milk is whey protein and 82% of it is Casein, a type of protein found exclusively in milk. It is one of its kind and is used as a means to evaluate the protein content in other foods. It contains all the significant amino acids which our body needs. This protein helps in the growth of muscles and repairs the tissues. It is an athlete’s favorite drink as it restores all the fluids drained during the workout and prevents muscle soreness.

Relieves stress

Some days at work are too long and stressful. We need something really relaxing and soothing in such times. Milk is the answer again. A warm glass of milk reduces all your stress due to the amazing vitamins and minerals present in it, and you will be all refreshed.

Promotes weight loss

Who doesn’t want to shred some extra pounds? We just find it too difficult to do so. Don’t worry, milk will come to your rescue. A research conducted by Dr. Brian Roy, professor at Brock University, Canada indicates that consumption of milk post-workout leads to a reduction of body fat and an increase in muscle mass. So, start drinking milk after your workout sessions and experience the change.

Reduces PMS symptoms

It is really hard to go through PMS and menstrual cycle every month. All girls would agree to this. The tiredness, mood swings, bloating, acne breakouts are really hard to handle. Milk during PMS times is a slight relief. A warm glass of milk provides much-needed relaxation and helps physically and emotionally.

Strengthens teeth

Most of us ignore our teeth and happily consume different kinds of food, including harmful junk. After a certain point, we start developing cavities and decays. Milk will help us fight these ills and the calcium in milk provides strength to the teeth. Calcium should be taken in combination with Vitamin D, which is also available in milk.

Maintains eye health

A powerful vision is of utmost importance to us. We need to take care of our eyes and eat a healthy diet which promotes our eye health. Apart from foods like carrot, milk does great good to your eyes. Riboflavin present in milk reduces the risk of developing cataracts. It also contains Vitamin A which is indispensable for eyes. However, you should choose low-fat milk to avoid saturated fats which lead to plaque buildup in the eyes. Which is why it is said that Milk- a glass full of health.

Reduces the probability of diseases

Milk is an exceptional source for keeping serious diseases at bay. Research undertaken by Peter Elwood from Cardiff University has revealed that death due to heart attack and strokes can be reduced by about 15 to 20 percent if one consumes milk. This is because the potassium found in milk helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure. Apart from this, it also lessens the risk of death due to type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, and possibly bladder cancer. Milk should not be a choice, but a compulsion when it comes to such life-threatening diseases.

Energy Booster

While we may not know of the complicated health benefits, one thing we have all learned is that milk gives us energy. The complex makeup of milk, consisting of innumerable vitamins and nutrients provides the much-needed vigor to accomplish your daily tasks.

You must have been amazed after knowing what your glass of milk is doing to your body. For those who are ignoring it all these days, it’s time to grab your Milk- a glass full of health. It is nature’s best creation and you should be extremely thankful for it.