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Black Tea or Milk Tea Which is Better

Tea, a beverage enjoyed by everyone around the world; tea was first grown in Asia and as spread around the globe by traders and businessmen. It is a refreshing beverage and has resided in the hearts of many, also known for the energy boost that it gives in every sip. And hence, mostly consumed before beginning the day or whenever needed. Many even tend to addict to tea consumption. It is the perfect beverage to snack on some sides while you sip. So here we will give some amazing tips and suggestions on Black tea or milk tea.

Tea is intoxicating and cheers you up, there is always a debate whether to have it with milk or just back tea. However, experts suggest that tea must be consumed without milk in it.

Tea is a refreshing herb and is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins. It helps enhance the blood sugar levels, improve our immunity system, and strengthen cardiovascular health by preventing cell damage. When added milk the beverage might be soothing but it wipes out all the goodness secreted by the tea leaves.

Adding dairy to tea might reduce its pungent and bitter taste but it also turns the tea acidic. When added milk it reduces the amounts of anti-oxidants and makes it acidic and inflammatory. Chemical imbalance is seen in the body due to the inflammatory substances and could be harmful to the skin. It causes pimples on the face. Tea has the power to relax the blood vessels in our bodies however, with added milk it fails to do so.

Tea, considered to possess flavonoids such as catechins that protect from heart diseases.  These flavonoids also inhibit oral cancer. However, milk proteins form complex compounds with them neutralizing their beneficial properties. Starting a day with milk tea could slow down metabolism that is at its peak in the mornings and further dehydrates the body and erodes oral health. The dehydration caused by this could lead to constipation. It leads to bloating and hence healthy and weight-loss diets opt for green or black tea as a morning beverage. In fact, milk along with caffeine creates gas and could affect your digestive system easily.

Milk tea caffeine if consumed more than two times a day could lead to a lack of sleep and is one of the common adverse effects of milk and sugar tea. It can neutralize and reduce the health benefits that tea possesses; adding milk and sugar to tea creates adverse effects on the tea.

However, the same effects were not been detected when whole milk was replaced by skimmed milk. The graph of the adverse effects fell with different types of tea leaves and skimmed milk. Soya milk however causes the same effects that whole milk shadows on tea. Therefore a better type of milk would help in better tea. Tea types such as oolong and white tea are beneficial to health and show less adverse effects than regular tea.

One good way to consume tea is the Russian way, with honey and lemon. Found in various flavor variants such as peach tea, lemon tea, and more. Adding herbs and healthy spices add flavor to the tea along with various health benefits.

Milk tea is an addiction for some; this soothing hot beverage could cause adverse effects but can be easily controlled. It has a huge pallet of variants that could be opted for according to the health benefits, Milk can be added to tea of different types of tea to reduce effects. But, it remains undeniable that milk could wipe out all the good ingredients in the herb and further cause adverse effects. suggested consuming black tea or green tea Black tea or Milk tea the choice remains yours.