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Indo – Western dresses

One of the biggest versatile fashion trends is Indo western fusion. Now the question arises that what is Indo-western dresses; Indo western dresses symbolize the perfect fusion of Indian and western wear. Western-style and Indian patterns lead to Indo western dresses; which one can opt for if bored of the traditional Indian outfits or fancy western dresses. When fashion goes fusion, salwar becomes trousers, kurta becomes a tunic, and dupatta becomes stolen.

Traditional Indian prints are used in western outfits, blending Indian styles with the western and giving a whole new look to the outfit. In present times, women want contemporary styles and vintage charm to blend, and thus Indo western wear is catching up fast. The coolest trend in the market is the Indo western garments featuring sophisticated tunics combined with long lehenga skirts. Indo western style was created to draw out the new look that suits the craving for modernization. And also with the thought of blending the Indian fashion sense with the western style. Indo western dresses give another look to our figure and also expand the limits of western dresses as one can combine such wonderful cultures.


Fusion is super fun when it’s about combining different, disparate dress elements. Indo western fusion is one of the biggest fashion trends since it started. Various popular brands for the manufacturing of Indo western clothes for men and women are there; the most recognized brands are, Manyavar, Nicobar, saffron lane co, Manish Malhotra, and Rahul Mishra. A fashion rule is a rule where there are no rules, therefore combining nawab Anarkali with a trousers bottom or an Indian sarees with a western crop top is the hottest trend in Indo western fusion.

Due to Indo western dresses, the traditional salwar which has long or short sleeves is replaced with spaghetti straps. Resembling the style of a tank top or halter. Also in western fusion has given many looks to the traditional Indian outfit . one can combine kurta with jeans or trouser which gives a casual but elegant look, or the lehenga which was prior worn as simply now is becoming trendy when wearing it with a kurta or a crop top. That also gives it a sophisticated vibrant look.

Lehenga with crop tops or skirts with ethnic tops.

Over here one can combine the traditional Indian lehenga with the trendy western wear crop top. Opting for a crafted chikankaari worked lehenga will embrace the rich heritage of Indian apparel.

Palazzo suits

Over here one can combine the traditional Indian printed kurta with plain palazzo to give a perfect sophisticated look.

Trousers suit

The trousers suit can be somehow the same as palazzo suits. But instead of palazzo over here, there are trousers, that is, one can combine kurta with jeans or trousers which gives a casual but elegant look.

Lehenga suit

The lehenga suit is the same as the lehenga with a crop top. But instead of the crop top, over here kurta combined with lehenga. Which gives a sophisticated look and one can wear it anytime and everywhere.

Indo western gowns

One of the most popular choices for women of all ages at social gatherings and festivities is the Indo western gowns; which give them a royal sophisticated look.

Saree with crop top

The most trendy Indo western outfit in the present time, the sarees which are combined with a crop top. As seen that this is the most wearing Indo western dress which the teenager’s girls wore at the time of the school or college farewell.

Above mentioned are some of the examples of how traditional Indian dresses are now becoming more and more famous with the new Indo western look. Indo western fusion has revolutionized the Indian fashion industry to such an extent that top brands today have an element of the same in their collection. Some of the Indo western outfits have also made a way into the bridal collections with aesthetic designs patterns and styles.

Most of the fashion designers in the present times are embedding into Indo western style. Which is helping in redefining the sense of fashion for women followers. Most of the women pair a western dress with Indian accessories. That is they combine the Indian accessories with the western outfits which add a vintage earth touch to their outfits. Indo western fusion has actually revolutionized the industry in many ways. As it is a blend of modern and traditional which gives a comfortable and elegant look.


At last, concluding that Indo western outfit is one where one can wear traditional Indian outfits with fancy western dresses. Giving a perfect blend to the outfit. Fashion trends come and go. A basic image of how one looks like and how he/she feels in expressing his/her emotional experiences through interactive implements in the dress.  Fashion is a term that refers to how one dress; fashion also means the ongoing trend that is going on. Indo western outfit is one of the fashion trends which are among the most popular and versatile trend. Indo western outfit can be wear at anytime and everywhere.

This style was created to draw out the new look that suits the craving for modernization. And also with the thought of blending the Indian fashion sense with the western style. In fact Lehenga with crop tops or skirts with ethnic tops. Palazzo suits, trouser suit, lehenga suit, Indo western gowns, sarees with a crop top. And also much more are some of the examples of Indo western outfits that one can wear at different functions or in festivals or on any special occasion.