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Fashion Tips For a Baby on His First Birthday

All parents want their baby’s first birthday to be one of the most special and memorable, in the entire lifetime. So for this special and memorable day. How to dress their baby boy for the first birthday is the question that arrives in the mind of each parent. In this article, some of the major Fashion tips for a baby on his first birthday. That is mentioned that one can look for and can relate to real life.

Fashion tips for a baby on his first birthday mainly include outfit ideas. That is what one should wear on his first birthday. Then it includes the accessories ideas that what accessories the baby boy should opt for on his first birthday. Furthermore, in this article, some of the hairstyles and footwear ideas are also mentioned. Which is what type of footwear the baby boy should wear on his birthday. So that he will not kick the footwear away and what type of hairstyle should he go for on his first birthday. So below are some of the best Fashion tips for a baby on his first birthday.

Here are some of the most wanted Fashion tips for a baby on his first birthday .


If one is opting for having a party or a meal for his or her little man’s big day. Then why not choose a stylish shirt and printed tie suit for the baby boy. A stylish shirt and printed tie suit are great for a little boy as there will be no worries about wearing a real tie. As seen that some of these outfits also come with a waistcoat for dresses that look adorable.

The printed T-shirt is another great idea for a first baby boy. As they are one-off so hold even more sentimental value especially as one can have their own design, logo, baby’s name, and or a message written on it. These printed T-shirts can also be matched with either casual jeans or even smart black trousers. So it will be much easier for finding a perfect combination for the big day.

One can also opt for suspenders as they look cute and perfect for every man. Then why not make your one-year-old baby boy wear these suspenders on his first birthday, pairing these red suspenders with dark blue jeans, and make the baby boy wear a white and black striped full sleeve shirt inside. One can also change the color of suspenders accordingly as it is a great idea to make both the dad and the baby boy wear similar outfits.


One of the great accessories for children on their birthday is hats. As it is seen that during summer or spring. That hats not only protect the baby boy from sun rays but also makes a great addition to suit outfits. Therefore has definitely a must-have for outdoor parties in the summer or spring seasons. Whereas when it comes to headwear especially for finishing that first birthday outfit, flat caps, and mini trilbies are fantastic options for finishing the perfect birthday outfit look for the baby boy.

If the birthday lies during the winter season or autumn period. Then opting for more fully hats and scarves would be the best option one should go for. As it is seen that wooly hats and scarves are not only simple and warm but it also adds great shape to the tiny one’s birthday attire. Whereas party hacks are also an easy yet effective option. As it is seen that party hats are more attractive as compared to others. It also gains the attention of the baby boy which makes the baby boy more excited.


Footwear is considered to be a tricky one when it comes to babies and tiny tots. As each and every mother knows that the little baby boy or girl does not prefer to wear shoes. And they will quite happily kick them off at every opportunity. Therefore, one should opt for a cute pair of lace-ups sneakers for this special day. As these are great because lace-ups are less likely to come off, and they also look smart with any outfit. Lace-ups sneaker comes in a wide range of styles and colors which make the baby boy look much smarter with any outfit he wears.


The boy with the cutest haircut is the copies of the adult haircut. One can opt for a cool medium haircut for the little baby boy on his first birthday. As it is seen the kid’s hair is so soft and tender. That it’s often a pity to chop it off especially when it has such a beautiful wavy texture. For the birthday hairstyle, one can have their baby boy with this medium length haircut style. Such a baby boy haircut will give him a look that is trendy. And still appropriate and will make him look cute and elegant for the birthday party gaining the attention of others.

So these were some amazing ideas and Fashion tips for a baby on his first birthday .