Lipstick Shades For Fair Skin

Best lipstick shades for fair skin

In this fashion world, we all know that every person has separate choices, in the same way, our skin tone also has some specific choices. On a daily basis, we all come across various types of skin tones such as dark skin, fair skin, dusky skin, wheatish skin, etc. Every tone of skin has its own needs. All shades do not suit every skin tone so every skin tone is recommended with different shades. But before starting our main topic which is “what lipstick shades would suit on fair skin?” let me tell you something about fair skin.

Fair skin is a tone of skin that is synonymous with pretty. As we all know that the color of the skin is a result of melanin in your skin. In the case of fair skin, there is less the production of melanin by the skin. Melanin also protects the skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is also said that the less the production of melanin by the skin, the more will be the chances of skin cancer. To protect fair skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, one should use sunscreen.

In this makeup world, lipstick plays a really vital role in giving the makeup look a complete finishing touch so now I will tell you about our main topic of discussion that is what are the shades of lipstick which will suit fair skin. Choosing the right shade of lipstick for fair skin is not too hard because of almost every color suits fair skin tone.

I have often seen ladies testing the lipstick shade that it will suit or not on their hands which is totally a wrong idea because the texture of our lips is totally different from the texture of our hands. I recommend that before buying a lipstick; test it on the tips of your finger because the texture of our fingertips is much similar to the texture of lips. Here is a list of shades of lipstick that will perfectly suit fair skin and will look sophisticated and adorable.

  1. Pink:  This is a shade which is suitable for all types of event or parties. You can use pink lipstick for daily wear also. Just choose a shade of pink darker than your actual lip color.
  2. Red:  I think red is a color that suits every skin tone. It is a color that is favorite lip color for all ladies and girls all around the world. On fair skin, red lipstick will look hot and sensuous and make you look adorable.
  3. Nudes: This is a shade that is in trend nowadays but not all the shades of nudes can suit everyone. Choose a nude shade or muted shade with a small amount of pink or brown pink because it will enhance the fair tone. If you have a warm skin tone then you can opt for warm nudes.
  4. Orange/Tangerine: This is a very different and unique shade of lipstick. It mostly suits to young girls. This shade can give you an adventurous and totally different look. 

So, these are some shades that will suit fair skin perfectly and will make you look more adorable and beautiful. I hope this will help you in the selection of perfect lipstick for you.