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5 Simple Summer Looks To Follow

Many of us are not much of a morning person and then it becomes difficult to decide what to wear. Aside from making it easy to forget something at home or skip a part of a daily makeup routine. It also tends to make it a lot harder to put together an outfit especially on those days when we want to look the best. In summer white and light-colored clothes are much more suitable and comfortable. As the light color absorbs the very little amount of the sun’s heat and helps in keeping our body cool. Full stop cotton clothes are proved to be the most comfortable as it resists dust and helps in preventing skin infection during summer. Here are the 5 Simple summer looks to follow :


Printed dress offers a soft touch of femininity to warm-weather style so one can bring out her girlish charm with every printed dress and accessories she wears. A printed dress is often associated with sweet and romantic, and there’s nothing wrong with that; the printed dress can be combined with cool items for more fashionable options. Wearing a dress with all over floral print. With high heeled sandals and stunning earrings give the wearer an ultra-feminine look; the wearer also looks elegant and attractive.


The tube top is a shoulderless, sleeveless women’s garment. The tube top is generally tight over the breast. And usually uses elastic bands at its top and bottom to prevent it from falling. Tube tops are generally worn with jeans, which gives a stunning look to the wearer. A mule is a shoe that has no back or constraint around the foot heel. Earlier mules were bedroom slippers and not worn in public. Although through the centuries mules have changed in style and are no longer just boudoir shoes but are worn at any time for any occasion. Mules, when worn with tube top and jeans, give an elegant look to the wearer.


An oversized T-shirt is one of the most trending and worn outfits during summers. T-shirts can be paired with printed pants and sandals. Printed pants are the most comfortable and breezy pants. Pants with print are the most popular pants during summers. And hence there is no trouble in finding these, walk into any market and the pants will be easily available into any market. It can be seen that many of the tourists are adopting this trend. When these printed pants are paired with oversized t-shirts. It gives the wearer comfort during summer and a funky look to the wearer.


One of the most trending outfits during summer is the white top along with jeans. Most of us have seen that the most worn outfit during summer is a white top paired with either blue or black jeans. Shoes are optional in this outfit as this outfit is going to pair with any type of footwear. Tops with jeans are considered to be trending this year. One can put on a chunky bracelet or a hat with the outfit to give a sophisticated elegant look. One can slip into summer sandals, slide sandals. Which are also great for comfort and ease and give a gentle look to the wearer.


One can wear an oversized dark color t-shirt such as black, dark blue, purple and many more And pair with light color ripped jeans or shorts such as light blue. This outfit gives an elegant look to the wearer and she can wear it to parties or even for a date. One can also add jewelry to the outfit to give an excellent look to the wearer.

So these were 5 Simple summer looks to follow.

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