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Types Of Outfit For Different Occasion

“Dress to impress” “Dress to express”. Your way of dressing says very much about it. It gives you self confidence and makes you the center of attraction. It’s not about wearing brands or wearing glitters but it’s about presenting your personality. Always remember that beauty is capture by the eyes but personality is caught by the heart. It is said that our outfits affect our mood, confidence, personality, and interaction with others. This is known as “Enclothed Cognition”. The clothes we wear reflect where we going, for what occasion, and many things. That’s why it is important to wear according to the occasion. One could not wear that party glittery clothes at the funeral, it will sound ludicrous. So, let’s check out what type of outfits we should wear on different occasions. And so here we have listed some Types of outfit for different occasions.

So here are the Types of outfit for different occasion :


There are different types of parties like a cocktail, new year’s, college farewell, birthday party, etc. In birthday parties on should wear skinny jeans with t, crop top, and skirt, one-piece dress, and boho dress is an amazing choice. College parties are all about fun and we should wear comfortable outfits so we can enjoy the moment. For college parties, one should go for jeans, jackets, and chocker accessories. In parties like a cocktail, opt body tight one-piece hot dress with a lift of heels.


Long dresses like gowns, lehengas, skirt suits, sarre, and Anarkali’s are the best choices for marriage and marriage functions. Try to be traditional on such occasion it goes with the flow. Add some jewelry and accessories but don’t do too much. For mehandi wear green, for sangeet go for floral, and for reception go for glittery gowns.


India is a land of festivals. We celebrate festivals with great pomp. In festivals, ethnic looks like Kurtis, skirt suits, salwar suits are the best choice. One can also add boho jewelry to give it some western look or you can also wear traditional jewelry or accessories. Wearing skills dresses on such occasions is trending nowadays.


At the funeral, we should dress in a way that shows some respect and go with the atmosphere. We should avoid glitter, bright and funky outfits. A long light color Kurti with jeans or salwar is best. Wear flat footwear. Also, avoid sleeveless shirts or tops.

5.Formal job interview

A job interview is a serious situation where you have to look formal. Your dressing should be done in such a way that it will impress the panel. For job interviews we should wear decent clothes like pants and shirts or some type of statement dress will also go well. Avoid wearing accessories and glitters. Also, avoid folding of the cuff and over makeup. Make sure that your clothes are well ironed.

Now let’s have a look on the different types of outfit  we have and when to wear them.


Tomboy is basically a masculine type of dressing for girls. One can wear such type of dressing during college parties, get together, or on some vacation. Adding some jewelry with the outfit gives some girly touch to the style.

2.Steet Style

 Street styles are the most common styles among celebs and models. They used to opt such style while going for shopping or while roaming in the streets of New York. It includes jeans, short pants, and mini skirts.


This is an artistic and funky fashion. We can also say that it is a colorful fashion. It includes retro styles and hippe fashion. It is popular among designers and artists. The best creativity of this fashion is seen on ramp walks.

4.Sport’s wear

As the name suggests sport’s wear is worn in gyms and in sports. This includes jogger pants, sport’s bra, shorts, and tracksuits.


Chic means style and elegance of a special kind. It includes monochromatic and sleek fine lines. This type of outfit reflects a strong fashion sense and a bossy image of a girl.

So these were the Types of outfit for different occasion.

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