Tips When Travelling To Egypt

Tips When Travelling To Egypt

Well before you pack-your-bags and hit the roads, one must always know the do’s and don’ts and the place you are traveling to like the language, the manner to talk, the best and cheap transport to choose from, good restaurants, and places you must visit before you return, therefore do consider these tips when traveling to Egypt.

So down below are few tips you must know when you visit Egypt.

Must carry items:

Egypt is a mostly desert country, so make sure you always stay Hydrated. Avoid crowded areas as it’ll only give you more sweat. Make sure you carry a mask, as most of the cities in Egypt are dusty, so carrying a mask will always come handy. Comfy shoes like I mentioned above it’s dusty, so wear comfortable and lightweight shoe. Toilet paper makes sure you don’t forget this. In most of the Egyptians, toilets won’t have any toilet papers. So do always make sure you carry one and avoid going to restrooms apart from the place where you stay and save yourself from a messy situation.

When to visit:

To get the best experience in Egypt, one must visit the country between the month of October – April. When the weather is cool and warm of sum, Egypt at this best. But however do avoid traveling between December – January to avoid the crowd of tourists, due to which the prices at the local market, will go skyrocketing during this period.


Well if you are traveling interstate then do use the train for commuting, there is a dedicated train for Cairo to Alexandria back and forth it runs 24/7. Apart from the local taxi and buses. You can even travel around the city of Cairo in Uber, for much assured and safer ride, or use the Cairo Metro System, it’s one of the only two Metro Systems across Africa, so do give it a try.

Dress Code:

Avoid dressing like how you would normally do, and dress like a local, instead of getting unwanted attention from the locals, which might get you in trouble especially if you are alone. So wear the local Dress Code.

Beware of Pickpockets:

The number one rule, when Travelling to am a foreign country is to always carry, only what is required. And save yourself from getting robbed by pickpockets. As the case in any major metropolitan city, pickpockets have always targeted the tourists. It is never easy to for you know would rob you, as it mostly happens in large crowded places, so always make sure you are aware of your surroundings and keep your personal belongings safe and secure. From the eyes of these pickpockets.

Tour Guide:

As it is not possible to learn the local language or know the place like a ‘Tour Guide’ does. Not just in terms of site seeing but also in accommodation, restaurants it’s better of you to take their advice. And to make sure you do your research before you hire one of them.

Emergency helpline to use:

When you are traveling in a foreign country, you never know when or where you might face danger, so whom to call? Just dial 122 for police help, dial 180 for fire brigade, and dial 123 for a medical emergency. Most importantly make sure you always save emergency contacts on your phone. In case if someone needs to contact your guardian or parents.


Whenever you travel to foreign countries, one must always carry the required documents. Amount of clothes needed, so that you don’t end up using the dirty ones or forced to by new ones. Always plan ahead, keeping in mind every possible scenario, that you might have to face if something goes wrong, and always remember recheck your things before you leave any place.

Therefore , these were some tips when traveling to Egypt.