Types of Beverages

Different Types Of Beverages

Beverages are potable drinks other than water and are mostly included with lunch and dinner. It has great nutritional values and is a great benefit to the body. It aids in keeping the body hydrated and cool ads can be a source of other nutrients as well. Also, it plays an important role in human culture. In this article, we will discuss the different types of beverages.

Beverages help in providing our body with energy, proteins, vitamins, minerals and iron, and many more. This further helps our body to run and function properly. Apart from its benefits, nutritive value, advantages, or health properties, it is very tasty, yummy, and delicious and mostly all people love to have it whether be it children, youngsters, or elder people.

Here are the different types of beverages :

1. Alcoholic beverage

It comprises a large group of beverages that contains a varying amount of alcohol or ethanol. They are produced in industries on an industrial scale. They are fermented like wine, beer, etc. These are both good and bad for their health.

Pros: It aids in reducing the risk of heart diseases and problems, helps in reducing the risk of diabetes, and helps in good blood flow.

Cons: It may cause long term health issues like breast cancer, oral cancer, strokes, or liver-related problems.

2. Non Alcoholic beverages

As we can make out that these beverages do not contain alcohol and are better than alcoholic beverages. These drinks are also known as temperance drink because it is a version of an alcoholic drink containing zero percent alcohol. Example: Juices, nonalcoholic wine, and beer, etc

Pros: It aids in rehydrating the body, promotes recovery, improves heart health, improves metabolism, and even helps in reducing anxiety and stress.

Cons: It may or may not bring change in the attitude.

3. Soft drinks

Soft drinks are the drinks which are mostly taken by all whether they are children or parents or elderly people and they like to have it. It mostly contains carbonated water, sweetener, and flavoring. It is nutritive as well as little harmful for our health. Example: Coco cola, Pepsi, Sprite, etc.

Pros: It aids in improving brain functioning, helps in improving concentration level, and makes workout stronger and effective.

Cons: It may lead to tooth decay if taken in more amount and may even higher the risk of getting caused by some of the other heart and metabolic disorders.

4. Hot beverages

These are the drinks that are typically served hot. Also, these are the drinks that help the body to get the warmth and even aids in soothing the mood of the person. These can even be prepared at home very easily and helps in enhancing the mood also. Example: Coffee, Hot chocolate, Apple cider, etc.

Pros: It aids in digestion, nasal congestion, calms the nervous system, relieves constipation, improves circulation, and even helps in weight loss.

Cons: Drinking too hot can damage the tissues of the esophagus, scald the tongue, and even burns the taste buds.

So these were different types of beverages which have been classified and are been discussed with their benefits and disadvantages also. This will help you choose the best beverage while drinking with lunch or dinner or breakfast. Hope you try.