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What is AI brain damage?

Before we start about the topic let’s have a look on, What is artificial intelligence? (AI) .

Artificial Intelligence (AI) means the intelligence of machines the same as the intelligence of humans and animals. It is the task of programming machines in such a way so that they can solve problems and take decisions.

The field of AI  is very vast and it has its roots in every aspect of science and technology. The use of AI in medicine and surgery is increasing day by day. The health issues are playing hide and seek with the doctors that they need highly advance technology to find out.

Now, let’s come back to the main topic!! AI Brain Damage.

Usually, a CT scan is the best practice to find out blood clots and any type of injury. Then after the reports, the radiologist goes through them and decides about the treatment.

However, this process takes hours and sometimes some details also lose out.

To consume less time and to improve the results of reports, scientists from Imperial College London and Cambridge developed an AI technology that does the same job automatically.

The system of the tool uses machine algorithms to find and differentiate between types of brain tissues that have been damaged. This AI  technology helps to cure about 60 million people every year. Click to Know more about here.

The system works on an artificial neural network, which can scam more than 600 CT scan and shows different types of brain lesions. It is also found that AI classifies each and every part of the brain to check out whether the part is damaged or not.

One of the dangerous brain injuries is Traumatic Brain Injury in which the patient is unconscious which makes it challenging to monitor the condition of the patient accurately. Besides the proper care, every one of the three patients dies.

That’s why they need for AI arise. The research came up with an idea of using algorithms to treat the patients suffering from serving TBI.

This algorithm can predict the probability of a person with an accuracy of 80-85% dying within 30 days.

It contains algorithm data one is simpler and the other is complex. Doctors compare the data and find the level of subconscious and stage of the disease.

Finland is one the leading countries with specialized healthcare using artificial intelligence.

AI  also helps inpatient to go home sooner.

The patients who have injury between 10 and 15%, without lesion can be sent home early as comprehensive to the patients who need further diagnosis. This makes researchers find the answers to the questions that were difficult for them to find.

So this was the whole about AI Brain Damage.