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8 Steps to Grow Your Business Online

1.Understand What You Offer

Many people go further without really thinking about what they “really” do for the end customer.

This leads to many problems in the future.

So, make yourself clear about your business and it’d be better if you could document the entire process of self-discovery and make it a pdf or word file so that you could use it when you hire interns, etc.

Now that you’re clear about what you are and what you offer to a customer let’s go further in.

2. Find Your USP

This applies to businesses that focus on both online and offline growth, as this is the very fact that will set you apart from your competitor.

3. Narrow Down Your Audience

When it comes to online growth of content, the need to perfectly know the end “consumer” range drastically increases as it’d then ease all of your marketing processes and give you customers in return.

Use online tools to find your perfect audience and keep up with them in real time.

4. Content Is “KING”

Your content is the ultimate reflection of your brand and its values. If the content you’re putting out is sloppy, remember you’ll automatically be branding your very own business a sloppy one.

So, make sure you really spend time on crafting the best content required for “your” business rather than following what some other business did just because they succeeded.

Their success may have been influenced by so many other factors starting from their target range of customers, which in your case could be different and could end up putting out a really dented brand image at last.

So, don’t push it under the mat when it comes to content… Deliver “spot-on” and interesting content.

5. Use the “POWER” of Social Media

Learn to promote your content organically on social media. Create pages, groups, share your story, tell the world why they need you and what they’d be missing out on if they don’t get on board with you.

Social media could very well be the single most pivotal factor in the success of your business and your brand image, so make sure to give it the time it needs and concentrate on it to increase and widen your reach and popularity.

6. Post “Regularly”

Posting doesn’t only mean you’ll have to always keep on posting, it also means you MUST interact with your customers both current and prospective on any social media platform and keep them updated and onboard at all times to ensure they become “loyal” customers rather than one-timers.

Do NOT spam your customers, use your channels effectively and post in higher “quality”, not quantity.

7. Use Free Marketing Tools

The internet is literally overflowing with free marketing tools from graphic poster designing, online polls, live broadcasts, email marketing campaigns, etc.

Always put in the effort to find tools that work best for you, to get a far more streamlined system as the end result which gives you a win-win situation with your customers.

While the results may not be as rapid with the free tools, if planned and planned properly they are all you’ll ever need at the beginning to mid-stages.

8. A Strong Network= A High Networth

Always network and connect with complementary businesses as it keeps you both afloat and can always ensure you have a safety net under you to catch you even if you fall.

Use platforms like LinkedIn to get to know the founders and people in the company and build a real-world connection with them.

Networking properly requires some kind of common niche or logical connection to make sense to both the audience and also to yourself.

This can help you broaden your horizons, innovate faster, think differently, and grow quicker than you could’ve ever imagined in countries you never even thought about.


Always mix it up a little, don’t be afraid to experiment with strategies, take risks as in the long-run the payoff at the end will be rewarding even though the process might seem frightening.

Interact with your customers and engage them whilst following your values and also respecting theirs.

Remember to have your brand image in your mind before you put out anything for the public to see, think a thousand times before a move, and execute with confidence!